Get Involved


Planting a church takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice from many people, but one that can have an extremely valuable and long-term impact. Will you consider the opportunity of joining God’s work through your participation?

Pray weekly for the New Day Fellowship.

We are asking for commitments to both individual and corporate prayer. Setting out on a journey like this will take a lot of prayer. Satan isn’t going to just sit by while we try to do the Lord’s work. This will be a venture that will take us into the heart of spiritual warfare. We are asking God for at least 50 people who are willing to be committed to praying for the New Day Fellowship on a weekly basis. We will be sending these people praise and prayer updates.

Join our New Day Fellowship community.

We would love for you to come and be a part of our church family. We would consider it an honor to share in worship and serving God’s Kingdom with you.